Zhiqiang equipment,Quality assurance


      Our company has a modern scientific management mechanism, adhering to the "focus on the industry's cutting-edge technology, dedicated to professional innovation for business philosophy". There are advanced production line in high mechanization level and outstanding staff personnel,who account for 25% of the number of employees. The number of people with intermediate titles or above accounts for 42% of the employees in the technical center. In order to give full play to these advantages, the company will further improve its technological innovation ability, form a more effective independent technological innovation system, and promote its better and faster healthy development.
    Our company uses a fully computer-controlled, technologically advanced HDPE double-layer co-extruded pipe production line, using a highly efficient separation of the barrier screw BM screw, with large extrusion capacity and stable performance, and through the gravity metering system and online wall thickness measuring device in the pipe After the vacuum tank is measured in time, the control accuracy of the gravity metering system can reach 0.2%, and the wall thickness measurement device can control the wall thickness deviation to 0.02MM, ensuring uniform weight and uniform wall thickness per meter of tubing.