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Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center is a key urban construction project established by the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to meet the “Summer Davos Forum ” in Tianjin . It is locatedin Meijiang Scenic Area, one of the important scenic spots in the downtown area of Tianjin. The holding of the forum also added a venue for Tianjin to undertake large-scale international exhibitions, which plays an important role in improving and upgrading the urban function of Tianjin.
Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center was invested and constructed by Tianjin TEDA Construction Group Co., Ltd. The floor of the exhibition hall was constructed by Guangzhou Huibang Floor, and Tianjin Bin Teng Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. was responsible for the operation and operation of the venue. As the main venue of the 2010 Tianjin Summer Davos Forum, the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center will become the new coordinate for upgrading the functions of Tianjin City Convention and Exhibition.

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