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       Drainage pipe specifications are pipe inner diameter DO (100mm - 3000mm), length LO (30mm - 200mm) pressure index, I grade II grade III caliber is divided into: flat mouth, tongue, socket, double socket, steel socket. From the domestic situation, infrastructure construction is the focus of China's economic construction. The scale of water supply and drainage projects is huge. Since the global economic crisis, the state has increased investment in infrastructure construction, providing a huge space for the development of the water supply and drainage industry.

  Analysis of the development trend of the drainage pipe industry in 2015

  The domestic production capacity of the large-diameter and super-large-diameter drainage pipe market is insufficient, and the market demand is strong. With the increasing urbanization rate and the rapid growth of the urban population in China, the water supply volume of the water supply plant and the sewage treatment capacity of the sewage treatment plant are gradually increasing, and the pipe network is constantly increasing. Increased, so a large number of large-diameter, super-large diameter water supply and drainage pipes are required.

  The rapid development of the sewage treatment industry has accelerated the demand for environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment. Environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment includes gates, gates, grille decontamination machines, scrapers, sludge disposal equipment and solid waste treatment equipment. In the field of sewage treatment. Since environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment is a non-standard product, it needs to be designed and processed according to user needs. It does not have the characteristics of standardization, serialization, generalization, etc., which requires environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment suppliers to have a deep understanding of customer needs and to quickly carry out products and Process design, efficient supply chain management, sophisticated quality management, strict cost control, comprehensive quality and other capabilities. The formation of these capabilities needs to be gradually accumulated and improved in the long-term business process, and is an important core competitiveness of environmental protection hydraulic equipment providers.


  In the past two decades, the technical level of domestic environmental protection hydraulic equipment has been greatly improved. Through the accumulation of engineering practice and the continuous improvement of production enterprises, some environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment manufacturing enterprises have formed scale production, product level is continuously improved, product quality Significant improvement, the market area continues to expand. Through the combination of scientific research and production, education and research, the overall level of environmental protection hydraulic equipment, including design, processing, manufacturing and testing, has been greatly improved. The technical level of the main products can basically meet the needs of the domestic sewage treatment industry.

  At the same time, some environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment manufacturers have further improved the anti-corrosion performance of the products by selecting new materials, increasing the reliability of equipment operation and improving the automation level of the equipment. Although the development of environmental protection hydraulic equipment in China has made great progress, there is still a certain gap compared with the international advanced level, mainly reflected in: large material consumption, heavy and heavy; poor corrosion resistance; low degree of automation; serialization and standardization At the same time, it is necessary to improve the design and equipment surface treatment process. For industry information on more drains, please see the Drainage Industry Research and Industry Strategic Planning Analysis Report.

  At present, China's environmental protection and water industry are in the process of rapid development. Due to the demand for high-efficiency equipment, the development of domestic high-level environmentally-friendly hydraulic equipment has become a top priority. As the national policy gradually tilts toward the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the sewage treatment industry has ushered in a good development opportunity. The state has introduced a series of related policies on water pollution prevention and control to regulate the sewage treatment market, and promoted the sewage treatment capacity and sewage treatment rate. It has also led to an increase in sewage treatment projects across the country, accelerating the demand for environmentally friendly hydraulic equipment.

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