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According to the Tianjin Water Affairs Bureau, this year, the city's water department has focused on promoting the construction of beautiful Tianjin, with a planned investment of 3.2 billion yuan to comprehensively promote the county's secondary river management, rural drinking water quality improvement, rural drainage, and agricultural festivals. The five key rural water conservancy projects, such as water irrigation and soil and water conservation, play an important role in improving the environmental appearance and production and living conditions of rural areas in this city. 
  District and county level river regulation. In conjunction with the “Beautiful Tianjin No. 1 Project” Qingshui River Road Action Plan, plans for 27 (segment) and 234 km secondary of 8 districts and counties including Binhai New Area, Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baoyu, Qixian, Jinghai and Ninghe. The river implements comprehensive environmental management, and effectively improves the water environment of the districts and counties through measures such as river dredging, embankment reconstruction, ecological protection and water body replacement. 
  Rural drinking water quality improvement project. Relying on the demonstration of small town construction, promote the urban water pipe network to extend to rural areas, vigorously carry out multi-village town contiguous centralized water supply project, upgrade and renovate water supply filtration equipment for villages and towns, and plan to upgrade Binhai New Area, Qixian, Baoyu, Wuqing, Ninghe and Jinghai during the year. The drinking water quality of 968,000 rural residents in 6 districts and counties. 
  Rural drainage and leaching project. Grasping the spirit of “Tianjin Drainage Master Plan (2010-2020)”, further improving the drainage and decontamination project system in rural areas, and planning to renovate 12 state-owned Yangshui Stations during the year to implement Jinnan, Xiqing, Wuqing, Qixian, Baodi and Ning 106.8 km of rivers and other 6 districts and counties in the middle and small rivers, 333 km of dredged rural backbone drainage rivers, maintenance and renovation of 334 agricultural bridges and culverts, further improve the level of drainage in rural areas of this city. 
  Agricultural water saving irrigation project. Focusing on ensuring sustainable development of agriculture, we will focus on continuing to promote the construction of small-scale farmland water conservancy key counties and large-scale water-saving irrigation projects. This year, the city plans to add and improve water-saving irrigation area of ​​314,500 mu, further enhancing the city's agricultural water resources utilization. Efficiency, control the total amount of agricultural water in the city. 
  Soil and water conservation project. Vigorously carry out comprehensive management of ecological small watersheds in the mountainous areas of Jixian County, and serious areas such as river slopes and saline-alkali land in plain areas, and implement water and soil conservation projects such as terraces, ponds, dams, and micro-water storage projects by implementing forest bans. Effectively improve the water conservation capacity of the land, further improve the environmental outlook of the forest and plain areas, and plan to control the area of ​​soil erosion of 48 square kilometers throughout the year.
  Up to now, the city has completed a total investment of 1.358 billion yuan in rural water conservancy construction, completed 132 kilometers of river water treatment in districts and counties, started the construction of rural drinking water, and built them in Wuqing, Baoji, Jinghai, Ninghe and Qixian. 1 testing center with 40 indicators for water quality testing, 178 km of dredged rural backbone drainage channel, 5 state-owned Yangshui station, 67 renovated agricultural bridges and culverts, and increased and improved water-saving irrigation area of ​​150,000 mu The area of ​​soil erosion control is 20 square kilometers. At present, the city has passed the flood season smoothly and entered the golden season of farmland water conservancy construction. The water departments at all levels in the city will further increase the input of manpower and material resources, speed up the construction progress, and ensure that the construction tasks of this year are completed on time.
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